We are here to help, develop and challenge you

Rok Partners is an expert in business development and analytical financial management. We help companies to purchase and select suppliers more effectively. We help to make supply chains and sales processes more efficient and can be part of tweaking the management and pricing strategy of your product selection. If the state of your business means it is time to develop and renew your organization, we will bring our honest views to the table and, as needed, take operative responsibility for carrying out the necessary changes.

In short, we will help you out with the most common barriers to the success of business. When built up correctly, these issues can become your competitive edge.

An efficient and straightforward process

At Rok we work hard, but never overdo it. In addition to experience and know-how, we bring our honest, straightforward and humble attitude to the table, making work run smoothly and efficiently.

Tomi is a long-time finance professional with an exceptional ability to see beyond the figures. Tomi has over 15 years of experience in business monitoring and performance improvement on the operational level, as well as executive experience as a strategic finance expert. Tomi’s strengths include finance and business controlling, knowledge-based leadership, as well as S&OP processes and supply chain. Before starting his career with Rok, Tomi worked in both Finnish and international companies.

The Rok-concept addresses all needs for change

Rok’s working process usually starts with an analysis of the current state of affairs and the precise definition of your goals. Once we know what kind of gap there is between where you are now and where you want to be, we know precisely how to construct your development plan. In the next section, we’ll go over a few of our core areas of expertise.

This is what we've done and continue to do

Here are a few development cases we’ve had the pleasure to be part of.